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The Easy Way to Find Keywords and Build Huge Keyword Lists
Completelly Free
Keyword Scraper Software on Laptop

Build Huge Keyword Lists

With one push of a button, GSug starts scraping keywords from Google autocomplete.

Add to that its proxy support and in a matter of hours or minutes you can get yourself a huge keywords list. Also,this is the perfect software for generating lists of long tail keywords.

Best of all, it's completely free.


Features & Options

For a software that is only a few kylobytes in size, GSug packs a lot of options.

First of all it is multi-threaded, meaning it is capable of scraping keywords very fast. Combine that with its proxy support, and you have a phenomenal scraping machine.

Besides its multi-threading and proxy support, the software exposes to the user quite a few advanced options for scraping, like recursive scraping. This allows it to catch even the most obscure long tail terms that people use in Google to search for things.


  • Completelly Free
  • Small sized software
  • Recursive scraping
  • Extremely fast operation
  • Multi-threaded
  • Highly customizable
  • Define your own character list
  • Proxy support

Customizable Options

  • Number of threads
  • Delay between requests
  • Timeout
  • Characters list
  • Recursive scraping options
  • Start with a specific character
  • On-disk backup in case of crash
  • Deduplicate feature
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